The Alcor Difference

At Alcor Elevator we have chosen the very best suppliers offering state of the art equipment which is also “non proprietary”. This provides our customers with the freedom of choice they deserve! These non-proprietary suppliers

Non-proprietary Freedom of choice

All elevator systems installed, repaired, or modernized by Alcor Elevator will only include equipment available for purchase by any elevator company. Alcor Elevator Ltd. meets all requirements for Universal Serviceability and Maintainability by any qualified contractor.

Alcor Elevator Ltd. will provide a complete elevator system including all available diagnostic tool functions. All devices needed for maintenance, adjusting, and troubleshooting will be provided to the customer at no additional charge. No product offered for installation will contain expiring software, degrading operation, or special access codes.

Non-proprietary guarantees like ours are not readily available from every elevator company. An unfortunate fact of our industry is that most international corporations will not provide you with a complete system upon installation. In many cases, special diagnostic tools will be withheld, eliminating your opportunity to seek additional elevator companies of your choice to maintain or repair your elevators in the future. Alcor Elevator’s Freedom of Choice guarantee gives you peace of mind and the freedom you deserve to make service and repair choices on your own.

All equipment manuals, engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, and prints will be provided at time of delivery.

The future depends on your choice – the choice is your future.



TSSA has recognized a noticeable trend of non-compliance of both safety and maintenance related directions during its periodic inspection activities. Many of these directions are not being resolved in a timely manner. Failure by owners and elevator contractors to resolve these directions in the specified time limits are exposing the public to unnecessary risk and are resulting in unnecessary follow-up inspections. Many of these follow up inspections are charged at double the regular rates!


Periodic inspections can become moving targets for many elevator companies, and they find it difficult to keep pace. Consequently, elevator owners are charged unnecessary fees for non-compliance and in many cases the devices are removed from service altogether. Is this your company’s situation?


To be certain that all of our customers stay compliant at all times, Alcor Elevator Ltd. has developed an exclusive tracking process.

Our data system is carefully designed to automatically alert our administrative team in advance of upcoming annual, 2 and 5 year testing requirements. In turn, our field management team schedules the work with the appropriate personnel to be completed quickly and efficiently. Our customers receive confirmation via email or fax that the testing has been completed for their records. Our larger portfolios enjoy customized spreadsheet reporting of these inspections. Our customers never need to worry about being compliant, what could be easier?